Thanks to a well-established and continuously cultivated network built up over many years and our ongoing promotional initiatives, we are very well acquainted with the many offers and possibilities available for Pop Up Stores in every location in germany. A few impressions can be found here. We will be more than happy to recommend a suitable store upon request.

Hannover - Helmke Hof

Location: Hainholz
Dimensions: 325m²
Equipment: Bar, WiFi, Light-Tec, PA

Bonn - The 9th

Location: Innenstadt
Dimensions: 120m²
Equipment: Kitchen, Lift, WiFi, PA, Restroom

Münster - Domstadt

Location: Innenstadt
Dimensions: 310m²
Equipment: Light-Tec, Restroom

Special Locations

In addition to classic locations, there is also the possibility of developing original and unique stores.

Kaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion

Location: Betzenberg
Dimensions: 1560m²
Equipment: Kitchen, Bar, Seating Options, Lift, Light-Tec, PA, Restroom, Customer-Restroom

Sylt - Zeitraum

Location: List
Dimensions: 30m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Light-Tec, Customer-Restroom