There are lots of offerings and possibilities around for pop-up stores in Hamburg. In some parts of the city they’re already a pretty well-established feature of the urban cityscape.  A few impressions can be found here. We will be more than happy to recommend a suitable store upon request.

Design Store Art Gallery

Location: Altstadt
Dimensions: 38m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Restroom, Customer-Restroom

Studio 229

Location: Sternschanze
Dimensions: 180m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, PA, Restroom


Location: Sternschanze
Dimensions: 25m²
Equipment: Kitchen, Changing Room, WiFi, Restroom


Location: Karolinenviertel
Dimensions: 32m²
Equipment: Seating Options, WiFi, Restroom

Special Locations

In addition to classic stores, there is also the possibility of developing original and unique stores that could not be better suited to the Hanseatic city with the third largest port in Europe – stores on ships, beach bars and many more.

Luke II auf der MS Bleichen

Location: Kleiner Grasbrook
Dimensions: 282m²
Equipment: P/A, Sound System, Kitchen, Bar, Restroom

MS Stubnitz

Location: Baakenhafen
Dimensions: Multiple areas on the boat
Ausstattung: Bars, Kitchen, Sound System, P/A, Beamer, Restroom


Location: Ottensen
Dimensions: 40m²
Equipment: Storage Space, Mobility