There are lots of offerings and possibilities around for pop-up stores in Berlin. In some parts of the city they’re already a pretty well-established feature of the urban cityscape.  A few impressions can be found here. We will be more than happy to recommend a suitable store upon request.

The Wardrobe

Location: Kreuzberg
Dimensions: 120m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Restroom

Galerie | Showroom

Location: Friedrichshain
Dimensions: 50m²
Equipment: Kitchen, Restroom

Concept Space

Location: Mitte
Dimensions: 100m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Restroom


Location: Mitte
Dimensions: 110m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Restroom


Location: Kreuzberg
Dimensions: 32m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, PA & Lights, Restroom

Special Locations

In addition to classic stores, there is also the possibility of developing original and unique stores that are a perfect match for the capital and its fun-loving inhabitants – such as live venues and bars.


Location: Friedrichshain, RAW-Gelände
Dimensions: 200m²
Equipment: Bar, Kitchen, WiFi, P/A, Stage, Restroom