Thanks to a well-established and continuously cultivated network built up over many years and our ongoing promotional initiatives, we are very well acquainted with the many offers and possibilities available for pop-up stores in Cologne. A few impressions can be found here. We will be more than happy to recommend a suitable store upon request.

Studio 72

Location: Innenstadt
Dimensions: 110m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Light-Tec, Restroom, Customer-Restroom

La Sala

Location: Neustadt-Süd
Dimensions: 45m²
Equipment: Restroom, Customer-Restroom, small Kitchen

Goltstein 92

Location: Bayenthal
Dimensions: 20m²
Equipment: Kitchen, Light-Tec, Restroom

Choose Pop Up Store

Location: Belgisches Viertel
Dimensions: On Request
Equipment: On Request