Thanks to a well-established and continuously cultivated network built up over many years and our ongoing promotional initiatives, we are very well acquainted with the many offerings and possibilities that are available for pop-up stores in the Ruhr Region. A few impressions can be found here. We can gladly recommend suitable stores in Dortmund, Bochum, Essen or other towns and cities on request.

Bochum - Lothringer Str. 36

Location: Gerthe
Dimensions: On Request
Equipment: On Request

Dortmund - Kleine Beurhausstraße

Location: Kreuzviertel
Dimensions: 40m²
Equipment: On Request

Essen - Unter Tage

Location: Rüttenscheid
Dimensions: 130m²
Equipment: Kitchen, WiFi, Light-Tec, Restroom, Customer-Restroom